What was the pettiest reason you refused to date someone?

Went on a date with a self-described ~male model~ one time (*not the reason, wait for it, but in retrospect should have been a red flag). He seemed really kind and was very compassionate about animals, which is awesome. Was also very good looking, to his credit. He wasn't super educated as far as "formal" schooling, I think he tapered off in high school, but that's okay, not necessarily a deal breaker for me, since people can be intelligent in other ways!

So we go on a date, and he asks what I studied in school, and I responded that I studied ancient history at a big university and went on to law school. Explained that ancient history is still a big passion of mine, even outside of school. He nods and says something very matter-of-fact along the lines of: "So, they may not have taught you this, but the pyramids were built by aliens."

I stare quietly at my food for a second, not sure how to respond... kind of chuckle/smile thinking maybe he's joking-- like yeah ha ha, I was an ancient history major... and I certainly understand and appreciate that there's a certain mystique about the Ancient Egyptian pyramids and their construction, and a lot of conspiracy theories. But he comes in hard and confident with the aliens theory, and this is all I can think of.

Maybe he means something more like an unknown advanced civilization? So I ask what he means. This becomes a lecture about extra terrestrials, like the movie/Mars Attacks kind, visiting earth at specific times to build stuff and then bounce. The acropolis? Aliens. Jesus and the disciples? Aliens. (*Jesus as a historical figure is obviously a different analysis than Jesus as a religious figure, but I guess it doesn't matter, cuz it's all aliens.) Basically, all of history is just a weird version of Men in Black.

I honestly blacked out for most of it out cuz my brain was going "!?!?!?!?" and it only got worse and weirder the longer he talked, he was diehard about this, and I had to focus really hard on keeping a straight face/being polite and engaging. Turns out me and my ancient history degree were sorely mistaken, because it was aliens this whole time. Every once in a while I'd chime in with a counterargument: "but we know how they built that..."-- all to no avail.

Anyways, no hate on people who believe in extra terrestrial life whatsoever, and no hate on people who have their own unique theories about the advancement of civilization through history, but the extent of his alien theories was just... a lot... And history is such a big part of my life, I couldn't keep a straight face. So that was the first and last date.

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