What is a phrase or saying that you hate?

I love how people blame Epstein's suspicious death on the Clintons instead of the guy who was best buds with him and was President at the time - Donald J. Trump. You know, the guy who has called Epstein a "terrific guy" and wished Maxwell all the best? Fuck pedos (not literally), but what you are doing seems to be a whole case of "the evil Left is made up of pedos, wait we have pedo allegations against us?? it's the evil Left trying to slander us!!!" rather than exposing and jailing pedophiles.

You also said "make us die off or become infertile or something" then backed off when I asked you about that... How would vaccines turn people into slaves for the "elitists and globalists"? Conveniently ignoring the fact that Trump is also an elitist and a globalist.

Wait, you take COCAINE, HEROIN, METH, and KETAMINE? Wtf, you get high on all that shit but not a vaccine? Here's a better conspiracy theory to one-up you: the CIA pumps drugs into the streets to make people more moronic/docile/violent/whatever, allowing the Big Government to have an excuse to be authoritarian/send police into the streets armed with M16s/tanks.

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