So what is PlayStation's answer to Microsoft buying up ALL decent dev companies other than Square Enix?

What's the point of having 23 different studios and having no games?

Honestly, I watched the Xbox showcase. I have a gaming PC that out specs my PS5 comfortably. I wanted something to blow my socks off. There was nothing. The Outer Worlds 2 was the only thing they showed that made me think "Yeah that's something to get excited about" and that's only because I really enjoyed the first one, but it's a while out.

The PS5 will have (hopefully) Horizon, Forspoken, God of War and FF16 in the next 18 months. They all (well maybe not quite God of War) gave me the childish glee you want from an announcement. They all gave me that feeling of "This will steal a week of my life, and I love it".

23 studios. 2 showcases. And Xbox has yet to give me one of those moments. I like variety. But I love quality and Xbox has yet to show that it has the ability to pull a blockbuster out of its deck.

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