What is the "plot twist" that will change the whole universe?

I find this very close to the truth.

Basically, when you think about "Earth" from a video game design standpoint - as designed by an eternal, all powerful God (or race of intelligent beings whose collective supersoul is referred to as God - which explains the "He's in our hearts and minds" type thing and why we are His "children") it's actually really well done.

Basically, take everything about our existence - starting with our bodies. "We designed a system where you can eat different foods - they create different effects. There's no innate flying ability in this iteration which will require building vehicles to fly - but the entire environment is destructible and you can build whatever you can conceive."

The average game time is ~80 years, but you can opt for early termination if you don't want to play as long. Character design requires karma points acquired from doing good deeds in this game and others. You will be required to log off regularly (most will log daily) - this helps break immersion and provide some downtime for you to come back to the real world each day before playing again - your avatar will have no memory of this of course as that would ruin immersion.

Many say it is an amazing experience - there are also hardships and troubles and of course, pain - which we don't experience in this reality. Many hardcore players choose Earth as their MMO because experiencing pain is such an intense experience - it really breaks the monotony of eternal paradise.

Anyway, there are day/night cycles, various regions to explore, and of course, male and female genders to choose from. Don't forget (well, you will!) to keep karma in mind - there is an innate "conscience" that should guide you in your quest for storing karma, but you can ignore it if you choose - just remember that if you want to roll better traits next time (or in the next game you choose), you will want to store some of these up.

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