At what point do antiGG realise they are the monster they claim GG to be?

Oh yes, Anti GG is the monster in the closest, the boogeyman to all that is good and ethical, if by good and ethical we mean abusive, sexist, transphobic, racist, and completely missing the point of ethics.

Could you provide some evidence of that please?

If GG was really about the ethics it purports to be, why was it sparked into being when a woman game developer was accused of sexual relations with a Games Journalist as opposed to countless other ethical violations?

GamerGate existed prior to the 'FiveGuysBurgersandFries' incident just not in name.

What happened to Ms Quinn is indeed a misfortune and she should be seeking legal council due to the mental anguish his poor choices in publishing that piece gave her for a temporary basis. That said it uncovered her removal of a positive program to bring more women into programming and games development (The Fine Young Capitalists) and showed that the 'awards' and 'cronyism' within the industry charged with looking after their consumers was rife.

The Gerstmangate, the publically known press review events, the embargos on review dates in a companies favor, the idea of world first reviews, etc?

I'm not sure I understand your question. Could you rephrase it please.

Why does GG reject people who have called out this stupidity in the gaming media by labeling them as SJWs?

I'm not sure what stupidity has been called out by those who have been labelled as SJWs but I would put forward my concept of a Social Justice Warrior as someone who would devoice a member of a community and chose to speak on their behalf without their permission, such as #NotYourShield.

If GG really was about acceptance and tolerance, why is there so much hatred being thrown around?

Again, could you please provide some evidence of this hatred from the GamerGate camp?

If GG was truly fair, they'd be willing to discuss these issues in a civilized manner, as opposed to labeling anyone who points out flaws as an SJW.

If an individual wishes to discuss the issues GamerGate seeks to resolve then I've no worries that they will be met with friendly, polite and informative discussion. We seek to find resolution to this needless conflict and I don't think in this day and age asking for an ethical code of conduct within a multi-billion dollar industry is anything short of correct, why it doesn't already exist is highly questionable.

Thank you for your questions and I hope we can clear up the matters were I either didn't understand you or required evidence in order to respond to the claims requiring some.

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