At what point did you stop telling your close friends about your problems (venting) and started dealing with them alone because you felt like they have their own stuff going on too?

Just recently, I happened to experience a very positive event in my life. For so many years I've talked a lot to my group of friends about my difficulties and problems to ask for their guidance. After a few years (17 exactly) of being the sad guy of the group, I became the happy and lucky one. So instead of telling them my problems and getting their jokes in return to cheer me up, now I get nothing. Everytime I share a happy moment with them about how great it is to be a dad and stuff, they seem to just don't give an ant shit.

It made me realize that, after all those years of difficulties, my friends where so used to see me as the loser that the moment I became happy and stopped asking for their support, they lost interest in me.

I can't blame them but I should have shut up about my feelings and problems years ago. They wouldn't be so relief that I'm finally happy that they stop being nice the moment I went happy.

So now for a few weeks now (we were talking on a daily basis) I just stopped saying anything in our app group because everytime I got mocked or turned into a joke.

Too late for me but don't let your friends see you as a loser, because the day you shine they won't be prepared and they will become the last darkness in your life....

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