At what point did you look at yourself or your life and think “I really need to make a change”?

Took 6 hits of acid. Scary scary night. Did lots of thinking throughout it. Late into the trip I hit some guys vape which I had done many many times. For some reason I started coughing like crazy and felt like i was gonna throw up. (Apparently Acid and Vaping does not mix well. Good to know). Came very close to throwing up in the bathroom. I sat on the ground by the toilet for a solid 10 minutes even after I didn’t feel like I had to throw up anymore. Standing up, I looked at myself in the mirror (Yes I literally took a long hard look at myself in the mirror) My skin looked pale and blemished. I seemed bony, like a skeleton barely covered by flesh. Of course this was all an effect of the unnecessary amount of acid I had taken that night but it still got to me. I wasn’t who I used to be. Wearing someone else’s clothes at my friend’s house. Tripping on about 1200 micrograms of acid. At only 14 I had successfully fried my brain. I knew I was better then that. So I quit. Haven’t looked back since.

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