What is the point of jaeger selling fuel if there is only 200 available per cycle.

Evidently you don't know what it is. They money will achieve you help the goal. Because the goal here is "Getting fuel as efficiently as possible".

It makes no sense to ever take the crickent & zippos instead of something more valuable. Hell, currently it doesn't even make sense to craft it if you do take it. Zippos & crickents ares currently ~15k each, you need 10 of each to craft a fuel tank... Meaning 20*15k, equals 300k. blue fuel tanks are currently like ~150k.

So at the current prices you literally lose 150k, i.e. an entire fuel tank, by crafting. Its actually better to sell the crickents & zippos.

But that's only because their prices are currently so inflated - specifically because of people who don't understand that the craft absolutely isn't worth it. If they were still ~6-8k each, it would just make more sense to again pick up items that give ~10-15k per slot, sell those and buy the fuel directly.

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