What policies would you have if you could create your perfect party?

Blood donation policy - anyone with a pre-planned surgery can donate a couple of pints in advance which can then be used in the surgery or recovery period if necessary and then put into the blood banks if not.

Public plant policy - Make 40% of all publicly planted plants (in parks and stuff) edible in some capacity, bee friendly and native. Removal of all invasive plants and animals in public areas (except the W. London parakeets because they're cool).

Bee Enhancement Act - banning of certain pesticides and bee havens where you can't build telephone poles within a certain distance. Also all new keepers must register free of charge when they are purchasing new hives in order to help prevent starvation. Destruction of a bee colony becomes a criminal offense.

Cool Animals Act - reintroduce native species that were eradicated such as bears and wolves. Kill invasive species such as the grey squirrel etc. Protect domestic animals and encourage the breeding of rare breeds.

Hedgerow Protection Act - outlaw the destruction of vintage hedgerows.

Hal 9000 Act - encourage the teaching of coding, photoshop, design in secondary school IT classes instead of MS Word etc. If you can use Word by 16 you shouldn't be allowed near a computer.

Early Learning Act - increase funding to primary schools to teach a secondary language and musical instruments. Would also increase general funding for other things that are best taught to children.

Voter Support Act - allow prisoners to vote and under 16's as long as they can pass a basic political knowledge test (i.e. Who is the leader of the opposition etc.). Make attendance and registering at all elections and referendums mandatory or receive a fine. However voting would not be mandatory since I feel people should have the choice but if people have to turn up and collect their ballot paper then most will probably vote.

Monopoly Act - a business cannot have more than 5 branches per constituency. Any businesses that have more than 5 branches per borough prior to the introduction of the law may keep them but cannot open more until the number falls below 5.

Bad Boys Act - all cops must wear bodycams.

Licencing Act - pubs in heavily residential districts cannot stay open past 11 except on national holidays. Also all wethouses must become dry.

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