What do polish people think of Russians?

I can't speak for all Poles, but for me most (not all) Russians are not very intelligent, that's why they are so easy to control and steal money from, you just have to praise nationalistic and partiotic slogans do imperialist policy, invade neighbor, stab him in the back and make propaganda about how powerful and great Russia is. Doesn't matter that it all hurts them economically

That's why Stalin was so successful, because Russians were and still are just dumb, most of them couldn't read to 1950's or 1960's and they've been peasants, their upper class, intelligence, political ellite was executed in forests as "enemies of nation".

Only the dumbest stayed alive, because they were easy to manipulate and they breed - result - modern Russians

Russia always had a resources to be one of the richest countries in the world: large and fertile land, incredible amound of precious resources, incredible manpower and potential for free renewable energy.

And yet most Russians make 7k dollars per year, most of money is transferred to oligarchs and government clique and their family members.

In normal country after all those corruption scandals and crisis there would be 500 thousand people on the street, next Maidan, but in Russia only 10 thousand of brave people came to the streets.

That's something unimaginable for a standard Pole.

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