What Popular opinion do you not agree with?

I don't agree that you should constantly have to be bombarded with other people's opinions 24/7 and I dislike the amount of oversharing that is now acceptable in society. I wish that in general, people just said less.

I miss when people didn't openly discuss religion, politics, and sexual proclivities with near strangers. I don't need to know you're a born again atheist who votes green party and loves eating ass. I barely know you, Brenda. I don't want to get into a political argument, distant relative I only see at Thanksgiving. I also would like a lot of people better if I didn't see their terrible opinions on social media. Please note I am not saying anyone should hide who they are. Everyone should be able to be their authentic selves. But man, too many of us are oversharing and shouting their opinions from the rooftops and getting mad if other people don't agree with them.

I do see the irony of writing a long post on social media sharing my opinion about not wanting to hear other people's opinions...so I'll shut up now.

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