what is the practice to create and manage a large Discord Community Server?

Your questions are a bit vague. Whether there is a "better" form is ultimately subjective to each person's preference of what is better and what is not. There are different ways of going about it all - what matters is that you find one that works best for you.

You mention "manage large amounts of members" - I ask, how do you want to manage them?

I don't think people can be "managed". You can nudge them to post in the correct channel, but if it looks out of control, then that's down to perspective. Conversation, by its nature, is not rigid. If multiple people talk, they could be talking one thing, and then talking about something completely opposite 5 minutes later. You cannot control that.

If you can't keep up with all members, then you can't keep up with them. Doing so would be insane. Eventually, you have to leave your members to chat among themselves.

Growing your server up to 1k is not reliant on this. What you're mentioning here only seems to be focused on activity within the server, not actually getting more members.

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