What profession has the shittiest clients?


Patients: are they drug seekers, are they not telling me something that’s vital, wished they’d changed their nasty clothes before coming here, I know you hate pills but you still have to take them, no this is not free, please don’t flirt with my staff, your kid ruined my waiting room, why didn’t they warn me they were nauseous, great there’s newspaper in his butt, no I won’t give you another injection, no I won’t prescribe you intense pain killers, stop trying to trade sex for free medication, that patient just ran out the door, your insurance said they won’t cover this despite you blaming me, someone put clean urine in a tied condom in the back of the toilet for someone else’s urine test (now I need to call that patients employer), no you can’t borrow this equipment and promise to return it later, no I didn’t falsify your partners paternity test, no I’m not a racist for charging you, don’t stick your hand in the used needles!

Dad was a physician

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