What Python can i learn to get myself hired?

Python, C, PHP, Perl, or UNIX may or may not get you hired. The core is the fundamentals not the specifics, and you seem to have those. Python was not created to do ML, Web development, ML, NLP. Python was created to make the simple things easy and the complex things possible. Python came from a mathematics background, so native types like sets and arrays were intrinsic to the language. These are very basic things. Python has more web frameworks than keywords, so that is a mess.

My point is to focus on the core fundamentals that you seem to already have. A BS job doing Python for some dumbass company will pay the same as McDonalds or some other BS job. And the stigma will persist, and not lead to better jobs.

However, if you focus on the core principles like Python has, then the dividends will be exponential like Pythons success. Python's language and implementation sucked for many, many years. Python did not have the immediate and long lasting and non-changing impact like C did. And now, Python3 is quite good. There is no C3.

If your immediate needs is to get a job, then get a job. A carreer is beyond a job. And a career is longer lasting than any job.

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