What Question do you HATE to be asked?

dude i started off hating you but now i really can't find a good reason to not make you my favorite redditor OF ALL TIME

damn this Buffie song is even better than the other one. s/o to Buffie

wtf now I'm listening to Universal Soldier and that's even better. lowkey i was about to just get some sleep bc i have fr like so much studying to do, but now i think i might just stay up and listen to Buffy and Bob Dylan and The Byrds (btw - my dad met them in Rome GA - yes they went to Rome GA, his friend stole a tambourine). fuck it, hw can come later.

/u/pokemon_fetish i am very drunk and will delete these comments later - partly because of being drunk, partly because it's just once a week that i do that anyway, but fr i think you're changed my mind a little bit today - you don't have to read all this because it's kinda long, but still, i'll write it. i started off on reddit on TiA, literally that's the first subreddit i ever found. i told my sister "hey it seems like everyone these days is too easily offended" and she was like "yo look at this website, www.reddit.com/r/tumblrinaction" and so that was where i was for like a year. then i was like "damn the SJWs have a point" so i moved over to the SRS side... but idk dude i think there are good people on both sides, like god damn you seem to be a really good dude and you linked me some god damn great songs and according to the circlebroke Mass Tagger you are a TiA dude. idk dude, there is more nuance to this than i thought and than many people thought. i'm sure you weren't out to change minds, just to link badass music. but i appreciate you dude, fr. shoutout to /u/pokemon_fetish

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