What Question do you HATE to be asked?

Funny how we found one another on AskReddit. I mod tumblrinaction.

fr? ha. yeah funny we should see each other. yeah i like you though.

I am also very drunk. I do drugs a lot too, usually I make that awful decision while drunk.

how annoying is it that I'm taking your replies line by line? it's a thing i do sometimes. sorry. anyway i would do drugs too except for their legal state. really not trying to get a criminal record - no judgement at all for those who do do drugs, just for me it's too risky. i might take some risks when studying abroad in asia this summer because i'm pretty sure laws abroad don't count (we'll see if i still feel this way when getting literally the death penalty for smoking weed in singapore).

re: institutionalized

i dig the beat but am too drunk to recognize lyrics. but i think it's super chill.

Myself, I am continuing the drinking and listening to slayer while making fun of othertranblumpkins on TiA.

ok i don't want to debate SJ with you because fuck a serious debate right now, but can i just say, and representing the entire SJW community, we don't give a fuck about otherkin. seriously i think like 90% of these debates could be solved by like, we aren't defending otherkin. i mean they don't deserve to be like killed or anything, but in our Oppression Olympics (no we don't have that, but like i'm willing to play around right now) they don't get any points at all. we don't care about them, you don't care about them, why are they still a central point of debate.

anyway. if i were to link you to songs... and i know i already did... but anyway here's some dank songs.

first of all take this to heart

this was my fav. song as a freshman but it kinda sucks now but w/e

this song is dank because i love Rich Homie Quan and also i can look out my window and see the sights from this song

lastly i will link you to my soundtrack to passing midterms which i somehow did. this STEM shit is hard bruh.

Have a good night, /u/pokemon_fetish .

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