What is /r/addons for and what should(n't) we discuss here?

I don't actually mind helping people out who don't know what they're doing. I'm not a developer, I don't know any python beyond print "Hello World" but I can install an addon on kodi that someone else has written and made available for me to use. It's not exactly rocket science.

I think just pointing the people that come here looking for help in the direction of the monthly sticky thread and telling them they should be able to find install guides, help videos etc. using a search engine is fine. Apart from the odd fuckwit most people are delighted with that. Sometimes people just want to hear it from a 'guy' who uses kodi rather than have to listen to some guy ramble on for 14 minutes in an instruction video when all he needs is file manager>add source>, install from zip, install from repo.

It can be frustrating seeing the endless 'Gensis slow pls halp' posts but I don't think being sarcastic or rude to people out of frustration is going to do anything more than send them in the direction of those scamming bastards selling pre-loaded kodi boxes for big money.

Just a wee anecdote. I remember a friend of mine was interested in building a gaming pc, went on a forum (wasn't /r/buildapc, think it might have been overclockers UK or something, not sure) and got absolutely destroyed for asking stupid, noobish questions that those guys probably get all the time. Instead of just sucking it up, doing the research himself etc. he ended up buying a fairly shitty 'gaming rig' from alienware for about three or four times the price it would have cost him to build himself. I'd already offered to help him put it together and everything. I mean, it is his own fault really and I gave him endless shit about it, but I could see the same thing happening with people coming here for help. It's only going to create problems in the long run for the rest of us. Even if they haven't bothered to use the search function for this sub to see if the question has been asked before - or even google - I'd be inclined to cut them a bit of slack rather than shit all over them.

Sorry for the wall of text. I've actually seen you be pretty helpful to people around here, including myself on a few occasions but just offering my two cents.

Having said all that, I'm not a mod here and I'd probably completely lose my mind if I was reading 'amazon fire stick beast build not working' for the 1,000th time.

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