What Is RaiBlocks? And why it may be the most fundamental change to cryptocurrencies since Bitcoin.

I will say that Bosch recently bought a ‘sizable amount’ of IOTA for future use in their products and systems, so a 600 billion dollar company sees value in what IOTA is creating.

Maybe they were impressed with buzzwords as well? Does it not worry you nobody can explain the technical details?

The current network is unreliable (indicating the protocol might never work well), it's centralised (which is a bad sign that it's not secure when decentralised), the developer chose to write a custom hash function (indicating they make bad design decisions) which a flaw was found in, the developers instead of admitting it was a flaw gave a story that this was copy protection with no proof, the push for ternary doesn't seem sensible and the protocol is so complex it might not actually work. There is a lot of red flags here that you can't just ignore by pointing out Bosch invested some money.

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