What really backs cryptocurrencies ?

The big problem with most alts is that they don't aim at being independent currency such as Bitcoin but to be more or less only useful in their own ecosystem. We get more and more alts from companies creating the technology and people falsely treat alts as shares. They're not.

A blockchain company can be successful and have its public chain completely useless. This applies mostly to technologies targeting businesses as the appeal for a private chain can be significantly higher depending on the application. i see too few people who actually wonder if the public chain, and thus the token these people own, has a future. People should be reminded that they do not invest in a technology nor a company by buying tokens, they are investing in one chain of the technology. The tech and the company can be successful in other chains and have the public one abandoned.

This is also why ICOs in their current unregulated state are appealing for startups, they allow companies to get a lot of money without giving up any equity nor having any obligation from the investors.

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