What is really real in DA series? (Spoilers DA:O,2,I)

A Thought on the Matter - Solas, the Wardens, Mythal and more.

Throughout the events of Dragon age Inquisition, you find, and subsequently activate ancient Elvehn artifacts with the soul purpose of strengthening the barrier between the Fade and our world. It does not prevent magic - but it does prevent rifts. Considering codex entry Fen'Harel, though, the purpose would be to prevent spirits passing from the Fade to our world and visa versa.

What we also know, is that spirits can possess living beings - and find the possessing of Mages (those with a strong affinity to the Fade) easiest. A conversation I thought nothing of (and so don't remember exactly when it is) implies that not having the talents of a mage, does not rule out having an affinity to the fade. If this is true - then the condition for the blight corrupting you, may simply be an affinity for the fade, not solely based on being a living entity.

The above implying that Virtually every mage would be vulnerable to the blight, Lyrium, old gods and so on. The catch is, the Dwarves - though they have a resistance to Lyrium and do not dream, I don't believe this inherently rules out a natural affinity for the fade - just accessing it has to be done through undiscovered means, or through some form of rune that would allow access to the fade in the physical form - I dunno exactly though.

If the above is true, or even half true, then it is likely that the Gods are simply powerful fade spirits, and that the maker did not die - but became a spirit of corruption, now residing in those who have been infected with the blight.

There is certainly a lot more digging I would need to do to fill this out more though, and solve the dwarf grey warden dilema. Though Affinity for the fade may simply make the resulting corrupted being more capable of a dark spawn. So much information to sift through, so little time.

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