What was the reason for the split with copperhead?

Please read past posts about this. It's really not a topic that I want to rehash over and over.

GrapheneOS is the original project and was started in 2014 before Copperhead existed. Copperhead was a temporary sponsor of the project and betrayed it by breaking our agreements. They attempted a takeover of the project through coercion. They succeeded at inflicting a massive amount of damage they continue to spread misinformation about it and do whatever they can to cause harm today. They're spreading misinformation and reaching out to people on a daily basis trying to damage the project. It's not something that's in the past but rather an ongoing, malicious attack on the project on multiple levels. They have not returned the stolen donations or revenue and the damage inflicted through their misinformation is massive. They also filed false tax filings which has created issues with the Canadian tax authority that need to be addressed. They falsely claim ownership / copyright over the code and spread FUD about GrapheneOS based on that.

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