What is a recent fashion trend that you can't stand?

So many of these are just wrong answers as to why the mullet is back with teenage boys. The broccoli cut is the progressive liberal hipster fuck boy hair. The mullet is the wanna be edgy I don’t know shit about politics but all I know is I hate progressives and liberals and anyone who’s different than me because I’m 17 and shouting let’s go Brandon makes my uncle and his friends cheer for some reason. I know not everything is political but that fucking hair cut is. I’ve heard from teenage boys at the outdoor store I worked at say it’s called the Wolf Cut and it’s because some country singer got in trouble for saying the n word so he grew a mullet to show his resistance to censorship or some bullshit like that and now all the country boys think it’s cool. They are literally using it like a maga hat to identify them selves in public.

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