What do you think of the recent protests in Cuba?

Its a human construct just the same as race. Would you like to say there is not scientific evidence math exists?

The fact that you compare something so essential to human funcition like math to something so useless like race says enough about how massive of a racist you are.

since you rounded up the jews and killed them.

No, that is what the anti-fascists did. Not a single Jew was rounded up in Fascist Italy. That happened after Fascist regime was overthrown, so you can thank the anti-fascists for that.

And you haven't. lol. Good job.

Again, I don't have to convince anybody since we live in a society where the concept of race doesn't exist.

That doesn't need to be said since everyone already knows it but the ignorant and uneducated.

Nope. Fascism is left-wing by definition. Fascism is revolutionary, it seeks to destroy the status quo.

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