What has Reddit ruined for you?

  1. Feminism, Men's Rights Activism... Binary gendered activism in general. There are just so many TERFs and trolls here, ready and willing to invade our spaces, just to come and cause trouble. I never thought I'd turn my back on equal rights for men, women, and everyone else, but the groups that are so committed to gender equality don't seem to give two shits about the rights of anyone who's not in their group.

    There's a brand new trans-hate sub, just started a few days ago, and there's a handful of folks from it who are already starting to invade our spaces. Their sub is freaking tiny, but it's growing and it's just one more to add to the list. We're not causing any trouble for anyone, but sometimes it's a fight just for the right to exist, and I tire of that.

    I'm tired of groups I care about tearing each other apart instead of working together. I was just discussing with a very transphobic gay man just a little while ago. We're supposed to be in this together, working for our rights together. I'm tired of being disappointed like that. Whether he knows it or not, he owes a lot of the progress gay rights have made in this country to a coterie of LGBTQ advocates - trans, bi, lesbian, queer, gay, straight, all sorts of people coming together to push for equality.

    I'm in the middle. I'm part of a very tiny group, and we need people to listen if we're ever going to have equal rights in this country. We need people to listen to us and we need people to listen to each other, and start caring for one another. We need folks willing to bridge the gap, and I'm just not seeing it these days.

  2. My general productivity.

  3. Some of my innocence. I mod some of the former defaults, so I've seen my share of shock images and link spam. I've seen things I'd never wanted to see.

  4. My voice. I used to be a much more active member of the communities I mod, and now I... well, I read the pages, but I don't comment so much. I'm there to clean the spam, but I don't have quite the time to take the modhat off and just bum around anymore. There's always something else that needs to be done.

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