What was ruined because it became popular?

So this might be a little too specific, but I live in Melbourne, Australia, and there is a jeans store called Djour, which is run by a small Asian family. From the outside it looks horrendous and not at all trendy - almost like a front of some sort. Go inside and it's not much better - just a room with a few pairs of jeans hanging on coat hangers and folded into boxes, then a back room with a dozen or so sewing machines. However, you used to be able to go in there, buy 2 of the best pairs of jeans you've ever owned and have them tailored to you for under 100 dollars. Now obviously being in Melbourne, this caught on like fucking wild fire. Now there are literally lines out the front as early as 9am and they've hired a bunch of hipster girls who seem to be unable to refrain from rolling their eyes constantly. I haven't been in a long time but I believe they've also hiked prices up to meet demand. It's a shame because I've never found another pair of jeans like my Djour pair for a reasonable price.

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