What ruins any movie for you instantly?


*Inception Horn (No one should have copied this, but everyone did) *Record skip (insert comedy) *Shows snapshot of entire film (looking at you Carrie) *Requiem for a Dream music (It was a good movie, now stop reminding me about "that" scene)


Sound fx- *Child laughing sound (Phantom Menace and many others) *Baby crying sound (can't they please just record some new babies?) *Cat mew (Men in Black comes to mind) *Woman screaming hysterically sound (do not know actual name) *Impossible sword sounds ("singing blade", unsheathing, "shing", etc.) *Guns make sounds when actors move them around (Wish mine did that) *Computer/Video Game beep/boop sounds (Video games have not made those sounds since never, please stop)

digital fx- *Obvious cgi (Scorpion King, etc.) *cgi threats that, "dance" around the actors (most disaster films, Transformer films, etc.) *unnecessary color filters (green in Matrix sequels, orange/cyan, etc.) *modern footage made to look old filter

Special fx- *Explosions that act like gentle cushions of air about to spring Mario out of a long, green, pipe *Firearms that do not have a recoil that a small child could fire *Firearms with enough unlimited ammunition to make Iroquois Pliskin proud

Costuming- *Scifi buildings/weapons/clothing that looks brand new. I get that they're supposed to be, "shiny and spacey" but it looks like they just got those clothes out of a vending machine *Medieval/fantasy settings with new looking clothing and armor. Middle Earth has dry cleaning. *Women in hostile environments with perfect hair/makeup. Especially after they are submerged in hostile water. *Period pieces with inaccurate costuming (Braveheart).

Plot Devices- Keys under the sun guard. No one would keep keys here, they'd fall whenever you needed the guard *Red wire or blue wire? *Cuts random wire bomb stops at 00:01 *Mooks dying instantly from gunshots and stab wounds *Main characters dying from gunshots or stab wounds at the exact rate of the plot *90lb. Chicks beating up large groups of very large men *90lb. Chicks beating up one very large man with straight hand to hand tactics (I will never forgive Enough for this) *Heroes fighting large groups of enemies who attack one at a time (Trained fighters would gank) *Inaccurate CPR (they should be able to Youtube this) *Alien invaders always remember to never plan their attacks (As seen in Signs, War of the Worlds, and E.T.) *Slasher killer: physically invulnerable, super speed, super strength, super hearing, super ability to hide in unsuspecting places, super ability to outwit trained professionals such as: police, military, and mental health staff, super ability to hide corpses in scary places, super ability to do all of the above whilst dressed in physically constraining super scary mask

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