What rules do you impose on yourself to make the game more fun?

I’ve been playing my “main” save for awhile now and I’ve limited myself with a lot of your ideas. I’ve found simply not allowing any “cheese” or grinding methods increases the length of a play through by a lot. You’re gonna wanna come up with an OC to keep yourself interested in a long play-through I find. My main is a Shek named Fumetsu(Undying in Japanese). Just having an original name/character for your play-through might help with sticking with it. Simply removing cheese tactics is the best way to revive the game a little. No luring to guards, no purposefully removing limbs, no thievery, no grinding stats, no kiting, and no assassination. I’m on day 455 which for me is crazy. My longest play-through before that was like 155. I suffer from restartus.

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