What was the rumor about you in high school? Was it true?

When I was in military school, there was a rumor that I watched shemale porn. It came about when an older, ranked member of my company walked into my room out of nowhere and asked to use my computer. Who was I to refuse? I was in 7th grade, and he was a sophomore in the High school, with superior rank. Immediately, he entered and began searching my browser history, which I thought was peculiar, but whatever. Finding a link to some website that was all about trannys, he immediately brought it up and began shouting "NaTrolleon watches shemale porn! Hahahaha!"

Naturally, given how things worked in a group of 80 dudes living together, everybody knew of this 'evidence' that had been found within the day. I was immediately branded as that guy who was probably gay in a school where homosexual actions was a Class A offense punishable by an academic board.

I was devastated. I am completely straight, and hadn't had the slightest idea how that had gotten in my browser history. Even then I was smart enough to use the version of incognito mode that was used back then. Now, 10 years later, I have since realized that since I was already unpopular, somebody had more than likely set the entire thing up to make me more if a disliked individual.

In the end, I ended up leaving that school as a result of some not unrelated hazing, and has since been a terrible memory I've had to live with. Until then, the military had been my dream. Now, I couldn't join up if I wanted to due to the association I've developed between the military and the abuse I went through as a result of a cruel prank.

In hindsight, it would have probably been better to just try and brush it off, but as a 13 year old surrounded by older kids that just wanted to fit in, I just wasn't able to.

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