What’s an apology that you wish that you could make, but haven’t or no longer can?

I actually have acquired a new illness. Ans I think its a result from guilt of a past action and the results of it. I made my peace with those actions as best I could and apologized to the people that I needed to. As well as to my higher power. As well as too myself. But I always felt burdened by it because...well frankly I changed the trajectorty of someones life. And that guilt as much as I tried my best to make peace with it...i believe has manifiested in an illness. Although I hate this illness...i feel it's deserved. And I own it. If its temporary and I pay my price I'll be thankful. If I must suffer for life now...then if a higher power said I must. Then I would because I believe the punishment is equal to my action. In sum. Sometime an apology is not enough. The payment must be greater than words and a spiritual feeling for true justice to be delivered.

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