What’s an oddly specific fear of yours?

Time to let my anxiety disorder do some talking.

  • Wearing a scarf and having the end of it get caught in a bus door and the bus drives away and I’m strangled to death.

  • Having a panic attack. I am anxious about the idea of being anxious. Especially the idea of having a panic attack in front of other people, or outside of my home.

  • Any situation where I feel like I can’t leave. Public school was awful, because you’re required to attend and stay there for 7 hours or so. Sure, you can ask to use the bathroom or go to the nurse, but you can’t just leave without some repercussion. It was amazing when I started college and realized I could just walk out and drive home whenever I wanted. I no longer felt like I needed to escape.

  • Stepping on glass or some other dirty sharp object in the ocean where I can’t see what’s below me.

  • On that note, a wave crashing on top of me and sucking water up my nose, getting knocked down and unable to get back up.

  • Accidentally overdosing. I don’t have any experience with it, but I always stay on the lower side recommended dosages of over the the counter medications if possible, and check what I’m taking multiple times.

  • Being stung by a bee or jellyfish or other stinging critter. No allergies or anything, it just freaks me out.

I could probably keep going, but those are the first that come to mind.

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