What’s an oddly specific fear of yours?

It's crazy what you'll do when you've had sudden trauma. Nowhere near as bad, but two years ago I fell on the stairs at home and broke my fibula quite badly. After coming to grips with the initial pain, I decided it was only a twisted ankle and went back to my evening. I sat down for dinner but could only stomach some plain rice because I kept having waves of nausea in between cold sweats and seeing stars. I went to the trouble of putting the left overs in the fridge and washing up, all while standing or hopping on my good leg - I couldn't put the bad foot down at all. I knew I would have to sleep on the couch downstairs, but I scooted upstairs on my butt and somehow reached my toothbrush. I then had to scoot back down 12 stairs so I could pull myself up and hop to the kitchen to brush my teeth. I don't know what I was thinking lol.

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