What’s Been Your Experience with SacPD?

Honestly, you're better off handling the situation on your own because no matter how you deal with it, the cops won't show up or they'll take a really long time before they do. Some homeless lady broke into my car after I had picked up some food, she refused to let me near my car claiming it was "hers" while I legit was holding the keys to my car in my hand. She chased me around for 30 minutes with some sharp metal object before the police arrived. Luckily my boyfriend managed to get into my car and grab a tennis racket from the back to push her away and create distance since she had a weapon. He then managed to grab my pepper spray from my glove compartment while she was busy chasing me and he pepper-sprayed her 4 times until she finally stopped chasing us. After that, the police took an extra 20 minutes to arrive... So if they do come, expect to be helped after an hour.

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