What’s the biggest change you want for your country? What country?

Germany, our ruling party has been in office for 16 years (and 32 of the last 40) and is getting corrupt again like they haven't been since under Kohl's tenure and that respective generation. Unlike Kohl, Merkel has been maintaining her white vest quite well which is part of the reason she won so many elections in a row, but underneath her, it's rotting more and more obviously. They need a good old-fashioned kick in the shins next election and come back to their senses in the opposition.

That does leave some rather limited governing options in our 6 party system since the 2 of them on the fringes aren't really looking any capable for governing work (far-right being just contrarian pariahs with some shifty ties, while far-left voted in a basically open extremist as their leader replacing comparable moderates recently), hoping for Greens+SocDems+(Economic)Liberals coalitioning and balancing out each other's worst's. Far-left might be the most likely to crap out on the 5% limit to get into parliament if they do poorly in the next months, but not sure if that would actually be good or it might be better to have them around in opposition as a counterweight to the right parties.

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