What’s the cruelest thing you’ve ever done to someone?

We’re back to being on great terms but a few years ago my brother came over to my place and woke me up trying to do jiu jitsu. Me being advanced in the sport and having lots of experience fighting in the cage, (MMA) I tapped him fairly easily. For whatever reason he got pissed off, ripped my quality shirt, and then proceeded to spit on me. I switched to a heel hook and put enough pressure to where he would have a limp for a little while. We got into it a little but he ran out the house and into his car. Me still being enraged, I jumped in his car before he could drive off. I saw he was trying to put the car in reverse to pull out so I pulled his hand off the gear and choked him out on the spot. My dad came out and punched me in the back to get me off. It worked because out of instinct I get off my brother and turn around to immediately lay a way too hard of a (not to brag bc I regret it) beautifully executed Thai kick to his ribs. He got a massive bruise and I later found out that my brother had shit his pants as he was passed out. Everything is good now but even with my brothers behavior I should have known better with controlling myself.

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