What’s the difference between gay people who are non-Muslim and just non-Muslims?

I'll just say this. I was friendly with most of my classmates in grad school--where there weren't many other Muslims--and I was particularly friendly with one classmate who didn't have many other friends (bit of a loner, speech impediment). And he was gay. Let's call him Brad.

Brad was an extremely kind person, very easy to talk to, very thoughtful, wasn't into partying or drinking or at all, never heard a curse word or even a bad word about anyone escape his lips. We even engaged in friendly debates on religion, gay marriage, etc.

Brad was a good friend (moved away long ago). With my other non-Muslim friends, occasionally there have been those who tried to get me to do things I didn't want to do--drink, drugs, party, etc. But not Brad.

All of your friends will do things you don't agree with--I've had Muslim friends who drink or are in haram relationships as well. But you can compartmentalize and see the good in people and treat them with the respect and love that all human beings are entitled to, without condoning or enjoining what is wrong.

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