What’s the dumbest thing you got in trouble for in school?

It was Spanish class and we had a project to translate a fairy tale from English to Spanish. It was a group project and I told my friends not to worry about the translating and I would do it all. I asked the teacher if it had to be an old tale. She said any story would be good. I picked Shrek, went home chose some scenes and put on Spanish subtitles. We turned in our translations to be proof read. We had to make puppets to go with it, and we were acting it out in front of the special education classes. After class one day she told our group to stay behind. She said she was suspicious of the translations bc they were better than she could have done. The teacher had went out and bought a copy of Shrek to compare or work to. It was an exact copy. She started crying and asked why we would do that to her. She asked if she was a good teacher. I told her it amounted to laziness on my part, and not to punish everyone else. We all got in school suspension.

TLDR: Spanish to English fairy tale project, used Shrek subtitles to plagiarize. Teacher bought copy, discovered lie. Got Lord Farquaaded in the end.

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