What’s the evidence for reincarnation?

i don't think there's any solid evidence nor do i think there ever will be. i can only accept the fact that we all "die" at the end of our lives, however hard that is to cope with. i like to believe the paranormal stories that children and NDE experiencers tell that imply an afterlife and reunion with loved ones but i also think of it sort of from a biocentrism point of view where everything i see, hear, smell, touch, or feel are realities created by the mind. there's a lot that can't be explained as perhaps we're all living a shared dream and the paranormal stories children tell are of parallel universes where they've already passed. maybe the heaven and reincarnation everyone talks about are just the last things your mind imagines before going blank. and maybe that depends on how your mind is wired- mostly christians experience heaven probably because faith triggered a part of their brain to. it could just be a "high" kind of feeling when we eventually die but it could also be that there is more to life past death. my ideal version of it is that by the time you die, there's not too much reason for you to be living anymore and once you close your eyes and pass through the void, you get to meet with your deceased loved ones almost like you're the last one out of a movie theater and can rejoice with them until you all get bored of the higher realm and decide to live a mortal life again- to experience the feelings that contrast creates. i have a highly systematic way of thinking and i can't say it's always been a blessing especially in matters like these. but i do think that you believe what you want to and not let anyone else mold those beliefs. if you're comfortable with nothing past death then believe that and etc. i want to and am going to believe in my ideal situation even if it's a big lie because i believe the brain will put you at ease near death by showing you what would comfort you the most and this definitely beats total nothingness for me.

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