What’s the hardest thing you ever had to say to someone?

I wrote more about this previously but I cant find the post in my comment history.

An old friend returned into my life wanting to re-connect our friendship, we did the email/phone/text thing for a while, and as I was going to be in her town for a business trip so we agreed to meet for Dinner one night. On the day I was in town she told me she was not feeling well, but she still wanted to see me and to come to her house, and we'd have Pizza. About 60 minutes later when I arrived at her place she was dead, she had taken an overdose, knowing I'd be the one to find her.

I had to call her Sister (who I vaguely remembered meeting once) introduce myself and explain what had happened.

And then I also had to call her Girlfriend (who I'd never met) whom was on a business trip to a different country and break the news to her.

Yes that has screwed me up, its been 10 years and I still have problems processing it to be honest.

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