What’s the hardest thing you ever had to say to someone?

I can’t believe you’re getting showered with praise for UNWILLINGLY doing the bare minimum.

That's pretty damn harsh. He was a kid himself, raised by the same dad and his values. To me, it doesn't read like he was unwilling, only uncomfortable, which I would say is fair. He went and talked to her despite their not so great relationship. He went and talked to her, because he understood how she might be afraid to ask their dad for help. It's unreasonable to ask a brother to deal with this topic, when a parent should be doing it, but he did it anyway, because he saw the problem and understood her circumstances. He didn't go "tough shit, sis" and walk away. In what way is this unwilling? Why are you shitting on his kid-self who clearly was ill-equipped to deal with the situation, but did it anyway? What more do you even expect from him (sure, you could argue that he should've been an expert on the subject of period, but, again, he was raised by his dad, who was clearly oblivious himself. He felt awkward because that's how he was raised, if you wanna blame someone, blame his dad, not a brother who did what he could)?

A sister would be expected to do this and then some.

If there's an expectation by the society, then it's definitely big brothers having to look out for little sisters. I have no idea what you mean by that.

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