What’s the hardest thing you ever had to say to someone?

The hardest thing i ever had to say to someone was

‘Grandmother, you’re the one person i never thought would be in this condition, a condition that the doctors said will take you away from those who love you in the coming weeks.

I wanted to tell you all this in person, but the same tears that accompany the ink in this letter, would be the same ones that would prevent me from saying any of it to you in person.

I miss you whenever i am not in your strong willed presence, and now i will have to miss you for the rest of my life. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE. FIGHT. No. Don’t do any of that. Don’t fight. You’ve done nothing but fight your entire life. This is your chance for the rest your body, mind and soul craves. Just like a tender flower that’s been forced to withstand an 80 year storm. It’s the time for the storm to pass, so that flower can be at peace.

I love you, Grandmother. Say hello to Grandfather, after you give him that kiss you said you were waiting for.


I still have that letter. With a kiss on it from her. Phew. I never thought i would ever cry over writing a comment.

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