What’s the last movie you’ve watched that was so bad or boring that you walked out or stopped it before it was finished?

'Slapshot'. I'm a huge hockey fan. Been playing inljne/dek since high school, and I'm in my 30s now. All this time, I keep hearing about how Slapshot is the quintessential hockey movie; every hockey fan HAS to see it. Supposedly it's hilarious.

So this offseason, my gf and I decide to watch it. The first half of the movie was excruciatingly boring. The humor seemed to consist of being as un-PC as possible with no actual depth. And I am a big Always Sunny, Letterkenny, and South Park fan. I enjoy that kind of humor. But not if it's just backwards ass misogyny and racism with no point. And then the Hanson brothers are supposed to be the funniest part... shortly after their introduction I realized that they weren't funny enough to save that pile of crap. Literally might be one of the worst movies I ever tried watching, and people absolutely love it.

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