What’s it like living in Ypsi?

Something to think about is crime levels. At about 1/6th the population it has 1.5 times as much crime. I have friends who work as EMTs and they all same the same thing about Ypsi and it isn't kind. If you're okay with a higher chance of potential break-in or random drug addict hanging around near your property, by all means. There are much better places to live than Ypsi if you want to live in the shadows of A2 though. I would recommend literally anywhere but east of the city with the west side being the nicest. This sub is very biased for Ypsi and I don't really think many of the people who are actually on this sub live in A2 so just take that into account... I personally would never consider that side of the town if I had kids or a wife, it simply isn't worth the risks in my opinion.

If you're worried about price, I would recommend checking out the property values over time between the two places and what the values look like during recessions. A2 barely dipped and while Ypsi had real problems with regard to selling a home. A2 has a much higher chance of the property actually appreciating at a reasonable rate of return in the long run, one should be careful about being a penny wise and a pound foolish.

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