What’s making me pass out all the time?

My blood pressure is usually on the lower side, and my heart rate is usually 55 bpm. I drink water like crazy, all throughout the day. I understand the sitting up too fast and blood pressure thing, but usally before I pass out I get almost an aura, where I just feel not well. This usually lasts for an hour or so before I pass out.

The reason for my rhabdo was they said I was working out too much. I worked out 3 times a week, basic weight lifting and some cardio. Before my rhabdo thing, I added 5 lbs to my usual set, but it wasnt a atruggle to lift or anything.

I don’t get sick often, not really sore all the time or anything. No drugs. I don’t think theyve ever done blood labs, now that I think about it. I’ll get a full check up before I head off, thank you.

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