What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

I saw my dad coming for my little sister intending to inflict bodily harm. I got in the way to stop it… bold move since no one challenges him… I have never been shaken so violently in my life. I managed to break free and we both ran to the bathroom and locked the door. It was also bold because when my brothers heard the commotion they came to see what was going on but my dad is a much bigger guy and viewed it as a challenge. I feared they would have been harmed because of my actions, smh. Luckily my mom stepped in and calmed him down. The worst part is, my mom made me apologize to dad at the dinner table for challenging his authority in his house. That pissed me off extra but, there was something about how he was coming at my sister that made my very spine twitch.; the way she started to shake… I’d 10/10 get in the middle again.

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