What’s the most disturbing thing someone has told you casually?

I wouldn’t say this is disturbing, but it absolutely broke me.

I’m a nurse working on a cancer ward and I was talking with one of my 40 year old patients who had been given the news that the treatment wasn’t working anymore. We were having a conversation about her life and she starts talking about how she’s organising her funeral and the little gifts she’s going to be leaving for everyone to remember her by. I told her she was making me tear up and she said to me calmly, “Miniel, I’ve done everything I’ve ever wanted to in my life, I’m happy”.

I held myself together while I was in the room with her, but after I walked out, I completely broke down. 40 years old, and planning her funeral.

Rest in peace to that amazing woman, I think of her in every sunset I see.

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