What’s the most gatekeep-y opinion you hold?

Too many people are self-diagnosing with ADHD, and even several of the ones who genuinely have ADHD use it as an excuse to take no accountability for their own actions. Particularly the teen and college demographic. This is coming from a 26 year old diagnosed at 14.

I have had so much trouble getting my ADHD to be taken seriously, particularly when switching doctors and insurance, and I was diagnosed by a doctor unsolicited over a decade ago. These people make it worse.

Also, my ADHD has made me a shitty friend before. My actions had a negative effect on someone nonetheless. Yes, my condition merits some grace, but I also owe it to the people in my life to meet in the middle and at the very least take ownership. r/adhd is an absolute shitshow. People talk about it like it’s a personality trait. It drives me nuts because coming to terms with my symptoms and how to live life with them healthily has been a huge task, and other people don’t put that work in, which makes me and others look bad or not credible in turn.

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