What’s the most over the top or out of the way thing you’ve done to get a girls attention? Did it work?

Before every business had a website and there was no Google, I called a toy store in Seattle (I lived in Boston) and explained I was in love with a woman from neighboring town and could they pick an enormous stuffed teddy bear out for me and find a bow to put on it. I then asked if there was anyone working at the store who wanted to make $50 to deliver the bear about 15 miles away. They found some guy who said he would do it for $50. When I gave him the woman’s name and address he was shocked because he knew her from high school. He says, “yeah I know her, she won Best Body senior year!” I laughed my ass off and convinced him to stop at the grocery store on the way and pick her up a pint of mint-chocolate chip ice cream because she had gotten her wisdom teeth out early that morning. Did it work? Fuck yeah it did, married her. Celebrating 21 years this August and been together 23. Have 5 kids, she’s a fantastic mom and still has an amazing body!

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