What’s the most ridiculous question you’ve been asked by a customer?

You should have done a leading pitch: "About your dressing for your salad, the sous chef was commending the cold kitchen for the excellent apple vinaigrette they did today. Would you want some?"

I'm proud that I've made Jewish people try medium well steaks and love them.

I've said to a table of tourists, pointing at them in turn "well, you look like a medium rare New York with Cambray potatoes; you look like an medium well arrachera with rice; you look like a rib eye, medium, a caballo, with fries; you look like like a well done Top sirloin with salad; and you all look like an appetizer of beef sweetbreads and garlic bread. Now I'll make myself scarce, and return in a few minutes to see if you agree with my assessments." I'm proud that I've returned to them telling me to just order for them, and to also surprise them with the drinks.

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