What’s the nicest thing that’s happened to you in NYC?

Anything to be with my BSB people! God do you remember the bartering for a swipe?!

“I used my 2! I’m trying to go to his spot later! I’m gonna need 4 swipes! You’re only going back home! Come onnn just swipe meeeee! I got you on a cosmo brownie!!!”

“I told we could have walked but you insisted on the bus!”

“Omggggg are you serious?! You wanted to come here!”

“I wanted to walk here.”

“You want the brownie or not.”

“FINE, but he’s a cornball you know”

“Yea bitch I know. Sigh”

“Give me the brownie”

throws brownie

and oh man when you stayed late at your friends and your swipe curfew kicks in. The worsttttt LoL

Having the city as a stomping ground was the best.

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