What’s a non sexual thing that you find super hot?

Yes! Which is funny because I’m a pretty assertive and confident girl, I even kinda like public speaking.

There was this guy in one of my uni classes. It was a small class so I sat next to him a couple of times. I thought he was super cute, kind eyes, dimples and athletic. He had pretty bad acne so maybe that made him self conscious but it really didn’t take away from his looks, imo.

Anyways, he’d do little things like once I leaned on my desk and it moved because the legs’ wheels weren’t locked. And he’d notice and quietly reach and lock the wheels for me, then blush and avoid eye contact when I thank him. One time we started talking to the professor at the same time, and I laughed and said go ahead and he just blushed and gesture me to go ahead. I thought that was so damn cute.

Nothing happened, I was and still am in happy long term relationship with a shy boy who knew to be assertive at the right time :)

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